Microsoft Licence Solutions

Every organization has his own specific characteristics. We provide a tailor-made solution within the budget and the legal possibilities. LicencePro is your European partner.


Many organizations still rely on their trusted on-premise environment. Very understandable and perhaps the best option. We offer accurate on-premise  Microsoft licences and by doing that we save a lot of money! Even up to -70%.
Let us guide and advise your organization.

Cloud Solutions

Talking about the Cloud, there are many organizations that already have taken the step to the Cloud.
The costs are usually higher then planned. Where the possibilities of the hybrid Cloud are insufficiently explored.
Even going back to on-premise is an option. If not the redundant licences can be sold!
Let us guide and advise your organization.


Software Asset Management (SAM), provides the organization with insight into the shortages and surpluses.
Let us guide and advise your organization.

Who do we advise?

We offer 80% of our  licensing solutions to these target groups. These are briefly described below.

Health Care

We care!
The healthcare sector is a sector where many use is made of the licensing options. Especially the on-premise solutions offer great advantages!


The public sector
Governments in particular cannot afford to be non-compliant. Within the possibilities, we offer the best solution.


Value for money!
For multinationals and SMEs, ICT is an indispensable success factor. We offer tailor-made solutions for this target group.

Our Partners

We work together with Partners, often Microsoft Professionals. The most important group of our Partners are briefly described below.

(Microsoft) Resellers

Let's work together!
Microsoft Resellers are just like us, partners from Microsoft.
Our licensing solutions are and added value to these Resellers and give them the opportunity to offer solutions other Resellers don't.

Cloud Migrators   
(all Clouds)

Return on Investment
Organizations that are specialized in the migration to the Cloud, know what they are doing. What they usually don't know is that your redundant on-premise licences can be worth a lot of money. 
This money can be used to lower the costs of the migration. 
Everybody wins!

IT Asset Management

Partners in S.A.M.
IT Asset Management is designed to ensure successful deployment and ongoing support of IT assets.
We can support their proposition with auditproof, complaint and budget friendly licensing solutions.
Everybody wins!


Our European Team is waiting for your call and here to help. In the Czech Republic, Ivo Tomanek is the country manager.

Contact us and let's be compliant, within your budget!

Feel Free to Contact Us

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Ivo Tomanek LicensePro

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